Post Cards

  • Advertise deals and promotions 
  • Printed on thick and sturdy card stock 
  • Optional protective coating available 
  • Available in both letter sizes and first-class mailing sizes 
  • Affordable and effective marketing tool 

 Successful marketing strategies don’t need to exhaust your entire budget. Standard postcards are a budget-friendly way of updating potential and current clients of the latest promotions, deals, products, and services offered by your brand. Once your postcard makes it to their door, they’re more likely to visit your website or store o learn more about what you’re doing.

What size should my postcards be?

The dimensions of your postcards will impact how effective they will be. Here are a few of the standard sizes we recommend for postcards

Size Guide

  • 4”x6” is small enough for a simple announcement and qualifies for USPS First-Class mail.
  • 5”x7” draw more attention than the standard postcard and is perfect for promoting your business.
  • 5.5”x8.5” ideal for image centered postcards like the announcement of an in-store sale or limited time offer.
  • 6”x9” is one of the largest postcard options that we offer.

We Offer Direct Mailing

Save the time and hassle of distributing postcards yourself with our direct mailing services. Direct mailing will add about 2-3 business days to the already fast turnaround time and will prevent you from addressing and transporting. We handle your order from beginning to end, and you can preview your postcards online with our free file checker. Design your custom postcards, place your order, and wait for delivery straight to every customers door.