We offer customized brochures for your business:

  • Folds and panels guide readers and highlight information
  • Multiple folding options: 4-panel bi-fold, 6-panel tri-fold, and the 6-panel z-fold
  • Custom design options
  • Pre-folded for your convenience
  • Quality full-color printing
  • Lightweight paper or sturdy card stock

When interacting with potential clients or customers, less isn’t necessarily more. Our customized brochures allow you to tell a simple but complete narrative of who you are as a company. Different sizing and paper stock options let you choose the right look for your project. We pre-fold your brochures before shipment so they’ll be ready for immediate use upon arrival.

A travel agent handing a digitally printed brochure to a customer

Choosing Your Paper Stock

  • Glossy: shiny and reflective, the perfect finish for photos and images
  • Matte: reduced glare for a smoother finish and more contrast
  • Uncoated Stock: No glare for easy readability and the best finish to write on
  • Recycled Stock: Natural feel and made from 100% recycled materials

Layout Your Brochure

  • Have a clear, strong message
  • Use panels and bullet points for important information
  • Create a comprehensive “menu” that lists your services
  • Include social media, logos, and contact information

Creating  A Professional Brochure

  • Avoid the use of more than three font sizes
  • Choose popular options like standard glossy paper
  • Choose a thick cover stock
  • Use high resolution photos
  • Use a holder to display your brochures and draw the attention of your customer